Should You Give Your Child an iPhone for Christmas?

There are only a few days left before the holiday season commences, and most of us are busy planning a gift shopping list for our loved ones. For Luiza Vickers, esteemed New York businesswoman, parents need to be careful about what they give their children for Christmas.

“It is rewarding to see our child’s eyes light up when they open their presents, but is it wise to buy them expensive items without much thought?” Vickers ponders.

Deprivation or discipline?

‘Am I depriving my child if I don’t give them an iPhone or any gadget they want for Christmas?’—most parents will have this burning question at the back of their mind when shopping for gifts for their kids. We are in an era of technological advancement and gadgets are significant today, since these are integrated into classes and communication. However, there are two sides to a coin.

In a discussion paper published by UNICEF, there are several shreds of evidence wherein adolescents have reduced interaction at home due to increased use of digital technology. When you decide to be extravagant for Christmas, you might have to consider the possibility of lesser conversations with your son or daughter in the future.

“It is not deprivation when you choose to give something less expensive for your child this Christmas,” Luiza Vickers assures. “It’s better to teach them the value of working hard to get what they want, rather than to feed them because society tells you that it will be good for them.”

Ultimately, it is not deprivation but discipline that prevails when you want to teach values by earning what they deserve, regardless of the season or occasion.

The value of happiness

It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children the importance of happiness. It might make them feel good to acquire the latest technology, but will it make them happy?

“Why should we expose our kids to the after-effects of inanimate things like the iPhone? As adults, it is our job to open their eyes to what happiness means,” Luiza Vickers says. “It’s not simply limiting them with gadget use, but also imparting our hard-earned lessons to them at a young age.”

While technology might be relevant today, nothing beats the happiness that comes from interacting with the world in person. Running, playing outside, exploring nature, and other activities that stimulate the brain and body aids in physically and mentally healthy kids.

“It is up to us parents to teach our children that the joy from immaterial things leads to more fulfilling and lasting happiness in life,” Vickers affirms. “Let’s spend more moments interacting with our kids rather than lavishing them with expensive gifts that take away the value of family time.”


A Heaven on Earth is possible through Love and Kindness

The beauty of humans is that we are capable of upholding virtues to make this world a better place. To Luiza Vickers, New York businesswoman, love and kindness are two superior attributes that have the power to change the world.

With all the controversies and problems that disturb the peace on a global scale, it’s a challenge to uphold these virtues against hate and anger. It takes great effort to remember that although vague and immaterial concepts, love and kindness can be granted consciously to one another.

Start within oneself, Luiza Vickers advises

Based on Chinese philosophy, human nature is inherently good. Humans are capable of being good according to Confucian philosopher Mencius, even when not all can be defined as such. Therefore, we all have the innate tendency to be kind to one another.

For Luiza Vickers, leading by example is the best way to spread love and kindness to humanity. “We have to love, respect, and be kind to ourselves before we can treat other people with the same virtues.

“Starting within oneself helps us view the world more positively,” Vickers adds. “It is how we create a culture of love and kindness.”

When we are good with ourselves, we also develop actions and habits that are beneficial for the people around us. We realize our good-natured potential and create a safe space that we want for ourselves.

“No matter how simple or small acts of kindness and love we show, as long as genuine, we can live a happy, fulfilled life with others,” Vickers states.

Enhancing the quality of life

Love and kindness improve one’s quality of life once they are practiced daily. When you have these two virtues to guide the way you see the world, you cannot be dominated by bitterness, anger or resentment. You will have a deeper understanding of other people around you and be more considerate about how you deal with people.

“We all want peace, but most of the time, the external influences keep us from achieving that peace,” Luiza Vickers explains.

“When you are loving and kind, the peace you yearn for will start in you and spread to the people who surround you. It’s highly contagious, so to speak,” muses Vickers.

Heaven on earth is not an impossible concept. It just means that we choose to do good every day, and prefer to act with love and kindness rather than let negative thoughts and feelings overpower us. As humans, we are capable of going above and beyond what is expected of us.


Junk Dump: Supermarkets Sell Diseases and Cancer

The supermarket is a food haven. When you go to one of the big retail chains in the country, you will see aisles upon aisles of food products displayed on tall shelves.

While the fresh produce section might be the most valuable, many people are turning towards the nutrient-poor options, observes Luiza Vickers, a renowned New York businesswoman. “The problem is that most of the low-cost groceries also have low nutritional value,” she adds.

Unhealthy grocery shopping

According to a study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, grocery stores and supermarkets are the primary seller of energy-dense, sweetened and processed foods that are linked to severe health conditions like diabetes, obesity, hypertension, and cancer.

Almost half of the US adults involved in the study consume sugar-sweetened drinks on any given day. Half of what they drink is bought from supermarkets. Luiza Vickers commented that supermarkets might be doing more harm than good when it comes to food options. “We unknowingly become victims of bad grocery choices. To save up on meals, we tend to go for the cheaper options, such as boxed meals or canned goods,”

Vickers further adds, “even the stuff we think are ‘healthy’ like wheat bread and lentil chips can give you more sodium than you need in a day, and that’s not good.”

Luiza Vickers take on how supermarkets do business

Grocery stores and supermarkets quickly expand their businesses because a steady stream of consumers comes every day. Also, retailers tend to discount sweets and junk treats twice as much as healthy foods. These deals urge buyers to stock up on less expensive options, which consequently prompts them to consume more junk daily.

“What’s bothering me most of all is that some big retailers would spearhead charities that support cancer, diabetes, and more, asking their patrons to donate on the fund. However, the same retailers still sell disease-causing products, and that seems ironic for consumers,” believes Luiza Vickers.

Unfortunately, getting groceries to stop displaying such hazardous products might be next to impossible. As long as it keeps the business rolling, there’s no reason for retailers to stop offering junk and unhealthy foods.

“It is up to us consumers to be more diligent about our choices,” Vickers says further. “Let’s always go for healthier food options like fresh vegetables and fruits, and be mindful about the nutritional value of each item we pick up at the grocery.”


Faith, Love, and Kindness: the 3 Core Family Strengths

Family can mean many different things, from the traditional setup of father, mother, and children to an extended version, including in-laws and blood relatives. No matter the sense, family remains the basic unit of society.

Luiza Vickers, New York businesswoman tell about the importance of three core values that a family needs to strengthen their relationship. Faith, Love, and Kindness serve as the moral compass that binds every member together.

Faith is priority

Much of religious influence takes place at home. Every strongly-bonded family holds their faith as a foundation for their lives. It defines the set of values that a household prioritizes. Having faith in God is synonymous with having faith in each other.

“A dedicated family that builds an intimate relationship with God spiritually grow into people with integrity,” states Vickers. “Developing a habit of praying together and attending worship services strengthens the core of the family and keeps them grounded.”

Love makes life sweeter, says Luiza Vickers

Love is more than a feeling; it is also that unconditional resolve to make things better and safer for loved ones. In a family, love is another core value that every healthy home has.

Some practices like weekly family bonding and shared meals are some of the evident ways to express love, according to Luiza Vickers. It is about caring for another soul and desiring for their general well-being. As a core habit, love can start the chain of good practices within the family, which makes home life happier.

While disagreements can happen at any time, members are more eager to talk things through, ask forgiveness and be forgiven if they are bonded by unconditional love for each other.

Kindness at home

“We are taught to be kind always, and it starts at the confines of the family quarters. Children are more likely to show acts of kindness outside if they are exposed to good deeds at home.

 Moral support is one perfect example of kindness you can grant to a family member. Being each other’s biggest fan goes a long way in boosting the confidence in pursuing a passion, no matter what it may be.

“Kindness is remembered by heart and inspires people to spread kind acts to other people, even to strangers,” relates Luiza Vickers. “When people are kind, their outlook in life is generally more positive, which helps family members build closer ties that last for a lifetime.”


One World: Unity in Respect and Love for Others

Humans have walked this earth for two million years, but there is still so much to learn about life and existence in general. What entails being human? Why is there life on earth? Why do we exist?

There are so many focal points that need attention, but perhaps one of the most pressing matters is the call for the respect that we as humans seek.

According to Luiza Vickers, every person has a particular set of beliefs, preferences, and ideals, which may be different from another person’s choices. This diversity can sometimes be conflicting and causes disparity and loss of respect for one another.

However, respect as a moral idea should be granted to each other automatically.

Luiza Vickers on Respect for Humanity

“As humans, we want to be recognized fully as a person with worth and basic rights as any person. Regardless of gender, religion, and culture, we are all entitled to respect and be respected by each other,” Vickers believes.

Kant’s philosophy regarding humanity is a strong basis for viewing each other with esteem. It touches the essence of morality, as opposed to merely being kind to others. It is only right on a Kantian standpoint to think of it as moral and, therefore, the rational thing to do.

“Yes, respect begets respect, but what happens if no one starts it to give it?” Luiza Vickers muses.

She adds that when people respect each other, it follows a waterfall effect wherein humans will also learn to value and appreciate all forms of life on earth. We can self-govern, and that enables us to apply civic consciousness effectively.

Loving One Another

“We live in one world—we breathe the same air, walk the same earth, and exist equally as humans. Ethically, we are tasked to be socially responsible for one another, and this includes loving each other simply because we exist at the same time and space,” Vickers supplements.

She further said that there is beauty in joining hearts, minds, and hands in caring for people and society as a whole. Upholding human rights is a challenge for the modern world because some people refuse to understand differences.

“Let’s remove the negativity and let respect and compassion for one another prevail,” Luiza Vickers affirms. “We should follow the ethos ‘love your neighbor as you love yourself’ because it is what makes us live better as humans.”


Teaching the Value of Hard Work to Young People

Youth today are often referred to as the Strawberry Generation, which implies that they are growing up in sheltered environments. They are being pampered well; so much so that some of them forget that there is greater fulfillment in hard work as opposed to getting what they want without much effort.

According to Luiza Vickers, businesswoman, quickly handing out the demands of a child can cause serious consequences when they get older. Nowadays, kids can demand the latest gadget or toys, and loved ones won’t even bat an eye. There seems to be a trend of growing pampered children, which also creates a generation of spoiled youth.

Where it all goes wrong

In truth, there is a satisfaction for parents to be able to give whatever their child desires without worrying about cost or procurement. With technological advancements and the digital age, virtually anything can be acquired through the touch of a button.

Of course, going back to the unseen and unheard children of the 18th century is far from ideal, but there should also be a distinction between acceptable behavior and bad attitude. Nowadays, children are more expectant of being provided for as opposed to older generations.

Luiza Vickers also observes how the youth of today do not appreciate the value of working hard for what they want. She noticed that although they get their desires, children are still mostly unhappy, depressed and even more demanding.

Luiza Vickers wants the value to be learned

Luiza Vickers

“Everything is automated these days, which means that there are many virtues that we need to introduce to young people, such as patience and hard work,” says Vickers.

Indeed, young people need to learn about how hard work and toiling by their own hands to help them reach their heart’s desire. There is a lesson to be had in achieving a milestone independently and working for it diligently.

It’s also important to understand that learning these values don’t come solely from the four corners of a classroom. It has to start right at home, which is why parents should be the first ones to uphold such virtues and show their children that life isn’t as easy as counting 1,2,3. Luiza Vickers adds, “it’s utterly more fulfilling when anyone, not just young people, turns their dreams into reality by working hard. It’s their sole effort that led them to their goal.”


Why the World Needs to Stop Using Pesticides

Food is an essential commodity that every country in the world aims to mass-produce to accommodate the increasingly growing population. According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, a 70% increase in world production should be realized to ensure that food is enough for roughly 8 billion people.

Luiza Vickers, a New York businesswoman, firmly believes that there is no room for artificial chemicals in the process of mass-producing crops to meet agricultural demands.

Only a few cultivators are choosing to go pesticide-free, and it’s an issue that causes the common worry of many environmental activists today.


Luiza Vickers
Luiza Vickers

Any pesticide is a hazard in itself—Luiza Vickers

“Taking care of our health and environment means being fully committed to eliminating all potential threats, including pesticides,” states Luiza Vickers. She believes that exposure to such harsh chemicals, no matter how little farmers insist they use, can have detrimental effects on people, animals, and the ecosystem.

Most crop management issues were handled through physical, mechanical and cultural control strategies before the era of synthetic insecticides in the 1940s. Today, pesticides proliferate the farming industry and show no signs of slowing down in terms of purchase and use.

It’s critical to address the problem with pesticides. For one, only 0.1% of the chemical reaches the target organism to be eliminated. The remainder of this is dispersed to the surrounding environment, which may contaminate water, soil, and air.

Additionally, the residue can enter food sources, which we may unknowingly ingest. Studies suggest that pesticide exposure can cause various illnesses in animals and humans.

Pesticide management strategies

While manufacturers are currently making an effort to introduce organic and eco-friendly pesticides, there are other ways to eliminate the need for harshb chemicals to ensure food security.

 Cultural control remains to be the less costly and eco-friendly option for pest management. Crop rotation, soil solarization, sanitation, and crop scheduling are some of the tried and tested methods for infestation.

For physical and mechanical control, methods such as steaming, sunray exposure, moisture trapping, clipping, and pruning can help significantly in minimizing crop failure without having to use harmful substances.

There is also a method of plant breeding, the Host Plant Resistance (HPR), that identifies the cultivar with improved survival and reproduction rate. Such crops can withstand infection and pest infestation, guaranteeing a safer and healthier crop yield.

“Let’s keep discovering other ways of pest and disease management for our crops,” Luiza Vickers advises. “We can eliminate the need for pesticides so long as we dedicate our efforts to safe and sustainable farming for all.”


Our Oceans are our world’s greatest resource and need global protection

The Ocean is the heart of the planet. They are an essential element of the Earth’s ecosystem in which our human race depends from years. Without water, we can’t live we are nothing. It is a source of biodiversity, food, and life says, Luiza Vickers. To persevere and succeed, we need healthy oceans and for that, we need to preserve this depleting natural resource.

Oceans give at least a sixth of the animal protein people eat for survival which is very necessary as perceived by Luiza Vickers. Living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and diminish climate change impacts are creating disasters if it would have not been for the oceans earth would have depleted thousands of years ago. The diversity and productivity of the world’s oceans is a vital interest for humankind, there are more than million species which lie in the shadow of our great ocean and are the part of ocean, but this diversity has been declining with the impact which the mankind is imposing on the oceans with their mishandling of this resource. People are exploiting the great oceans without realizing its importance at the end who will suffer? It is mankind only which is getting great advantage and they are the ones who will be at a loss after this resource is depleted.

Oceans Luiza Vickers
Oceans Luiza Vickers

Water covers more than two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is our oceans. Sea plants produce 70% of the oxygen we breathe, and the deep waters are home to wildlife and some of the biggest creatures on earth who are losing their life because of us. It presents us with food, jobs, life, entertainment, and sailing, and what are we giving in return asks Luiza Vickers. Nothing right, without it, we cannot survive, they are responsible for our oxygen generation. Why should we care so much about the creatures that live in the ocean? Does it matter if a species disappear? What does that mean for us? The answer to these questions is that they are a part of our diversity and in some way or the other related to our living, so even if not for the humanity sake, for your life greed, you should preserve them. 

Our oceans produce more oxygen than the Amazon’s, whose campaigns like save trees save forest save the life we are doing every now and then, then why not save oceans who are more responsible for the survival of our mankind. Without the oceans, you wouldn’t exist. All life on Earth comes from the oceans and they’re still watching after us today. The oceans have shielded us from the most dangerous impacts of global warming. Our oceans have trapped 90% of the extra heat generated by greenhouse gas emissions over the last sixty years.

These changes are breaking the ocean’s capacity to produce food, protect livelihoods, preserve clean water, and collect from environmental stresses like severe storms. Most of the world’s oceans have been profoundly affected by human activities, including fishing, coastal development, and pollution from shipping. These are all responsible for depleting the life of the oceans. It is the need of the hour to protect and preserve this gift of God which has sustained life on earth. Our little-little contribution can lead to major changes which can help protect them.


Good healthy nutrition = Lower diseases and sickness

We all are very well known of the fact that the well-balanced diet goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle and its undeniable by all means. Luzia Vickers emphasis that food choices make a huge impact on how you feel today, tomorrow and what the future holds in terms of promoting and maintaining good health. The right diet can help fight conditions and illnesses. Where healthy eating plan emphasizes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat dairy products; includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts; and limits saturated and trans fats, sodium, and added sugars. Healthy diets and physical activity are key to good nutrition and necessary for a long and healthy life. Eating nutrient dense foods and balancing energy intake with the necessary physical activity to maintain a healthy weight is essential at all stages of life. Unbalanced consumption of foods high in energy (sugar, starch and/or fat) and low in essential nutrients contributes to energy excess, overweight and obesity.

Strikingly change in the rates within countries over time shows that the primary determinants of these diseases like coronary artery disease (CAD), isochromic stroke, diabetes and some specific cancers are not genetic but environmental factors, including diet and lifestyle. Some general conclusion shows that reducing identified, modifiable dietary and lifestyle risk factors could prevent most cases of CAD, stroke, diabetes, and many cancers among high-income populations. This indicates that these diseases are not inevitable consequences of modern society. Prevention of these diseases require changes in behavior related to smoking, physical activity and diet. By incorporating a healthy diet to your lifestyle will automatically reduce the risk for serious life-threatening disease.

A study done by Luzia Vickers represented that half of all the deaths in US in 2012 were caused by cardiometabolic diseases were associated with suboptimal eating habits. The proportion of deaths associated with suboptimal diet varied across demographic groups.

There are a few explanations given by Luzia Vickers, which relates how our eating habits can lead to healthy life and less diseases and sickness:-

Healthy eating

Healthy eating prevents obesity. It’s a major risk factor for diseases like type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, heart diseases and many more.

Food containing high sugar levels, calories adds up to the extra weight to your body which results in weakening of the bones and makes your organs work hard.

Nutrients affect certain body parts

As the way Calcium is necessary to bones and as it makes our bone strong. A good amount of calcium levels helps in preventing osteoporosis.

In a very similar way, high saturated fat affects our body parts as it leads to high cholesterol and high blood pressure, which are major factors for cardiovascular disease.

Improves Mood

Eating a healthy diet improves your mood which boosts our physical activity. It’s a very obvious fact that if you’re happy it makes a person more active. It leads to more bouts of healthy exercise. Having a healthy diet and working out helps in maintaining the balance and keeping the equation proportional.

Boost good cholesterol

A healthy diet and improved lifestyle helps in boosting good cholesterol levels which ultimately decreases the presence of unhealthy triglycerides. Increased amounts of triglycerides impact the risk of heart disease, stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Low cholesterol levels lead to smooth blood flow levels.


Making an ally of Nature

The Earth is what we all have in common, so we should all strive hands and protect this beautiful creation of God. The environment is where we all meet, where we all have a common interest; it is the one thing all of us share, so nothing but changing our minds and ways to protect this beautiful creation we live in should be done says, Damon Vickers and Luiza Vickers. They say if steps to preserve this beautiful creation is not taken at earliest then things would surely go out of hand and nothing would be left to pass on to the future generations.

We the humans are a very destructive species, and a species without much foresight, who are not looking into the distant future and are selfish to have it all for themselves, they are not thinking about the future generations, they are just looking over their priorities. This is a very selfish approach says Luzia Vickers says and things need to be changed or altered before it is too late. Health, food safety, and environmental hazards are just some of the social concerns that nature presents efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for. Innovating with the potential of the world around us is the goal of the “Nature-Based Solutions” and that’s what nature allies comprise of. everybody should stand united fighting and addressing these major concerns which are created by we humans only.

There are many evident examples which depict this major crisis of environmental degradation, one of which is climate change. Climate change has been observed all over the world, with the melting glacier, extreme weather conditions, floods, volcanos. All these effects of Climate change, lack of water, inadequate healthcare, poor food supply, and independent urbanization, nature tends increasingly to become our greatest ally. We should all strive to achieve this goal of conserving our environment says Damon Vickers.

It is all we have in common, we should stand together solving this environmental degradation. Nature-Based Solutions is that of Innovating with the potential offered by our environment is precise. It is an approach we can use to have a promising future for yourself and our future generation. Luzia Vickers and Damon Vickers perceive that this concept originated from a mere perception which is covered with significant issues such as climate change, lack of water, insufficient healthcare, poor food supply, and uncontrolled urbanization, nature tends increasingly to become our greatest ally.


We all know that our planet has developed billions of year ago and it has a dynamic and flexible balance that provides a breeding ground for resolutions and a source of significant modification, which is nevertheless largely unexploited. Nothing but cooperation with our environment is all we have to do to solve this major havoc issues which are prevailing in our environment and which is caused due to our reckless use of the resources of the environment. But Why are we not taking any action Luzia Vickers says?

The answer to this question is we all are busy in our day to day schedules doing our work, recklessly using the resources provided at our disposal without using it wisely and saving it for the future generation. Because of a specific tenacious mistrust towards nature and, above all, “wildness,” that incorporates the potential danger, it signifies for humanity more than for the many advantages it can give. A united effort and sustainable use of these resources is the need for the hour which can help us secure these resources for our future and which will help us in keeping safe our environment thereby keeping our life’s preserved and making the world a better place to live in.


Bob Whites and Tick Control

Bobwhite commonly termed as, the Northern Bobwhite is native to the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The “bobwhite” call was once a common sound throughout the birds’ range. It’s a very famous bird in America. Bobwhites are non-migratory birds and are particularly found where there is good habitat available. This species is a famous game bird and is the well-studied topic of many different administration programs.


According to the research and perception of Luzia Vickers and Damon Vickers, Bobwhite is solutions to tick problems. These migratory birds help to cut down on the number of ticks present in grasses and other unaffected areas, some towns in Long Island are shifting to the bobwhite quail for support. Luzia Vickers says that bobwhite quail is a terrain hunter with a healthy craving and talking about its daily menu, it consists of insects such as beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars, spiders, and ticks. This presents the ideal weapon for towns and parks to use in the fight against tick infestations. They are one of the useful birds present on the earth’s ecosystem which help prevent the tick infections. They automatically become the reason for the reduction of the ticks by the virtue of their food chain.

Also, Damon Vickers said in one of its searches, that due to environment loss from development and infrastructural activities and an increase in cats like lions, tigers, the quals population has declined as quals come into the food chain of these wild cats which indirectly makes these wild cats responsible for increasing the infection of ticks. Cats take a huge toll on our ground lodging wildlife, such as the bobwhite quail, which turns out to be one of the biggest lines of defense against ticks, also many wildlife educators have started the quail release program to get rid away from ticks.

Also this is evident from the fact that the population Of quail and ground-nesting birds are decreasing as the skunks and raccoons eats the eggs of ground-nesting birds and it is these same ground-nesting birds that eat ticks also, so this is how the food chain gets disturbed, one of the most prominent help anyone can do is to hold these animals by some means. If the society wants relief from ticks infection one of the little steps they can do is towards re-establishing quail populations by keeping their cats inside. There are many campaigns launched for this purpose to educate and guide people towards this step.

In many cities where the issue is becoming a menace, apart from using quals, they are releasing dozens of birds released into the park areas to aid control the tick populations.. supervisors of these programs launched for the reduction of tick infection are happy to see this chemical-free substitute for tick removal, and she considers it as just the evidence they’ve been studying for. The world is searching for a permanent solution to this menace which is infecting many people, but still, according to the research planners quals are considered as the primary source to control this disease.

Luiza Vickers: Many other ways are devised to deal with insects that carry diseases that could harm our residents and our pets in a way that would not, in fact, add toxins to the environment,”  but nothing is working better than the qual solution for the tick problem. Also, it is seen that this solution is a two-fold answer to this problem because not only does it cut down on the tick population, it also encourages return a once popular species back into their habitat. It has been found out in the recent research that tick populations now exist in all many states, and once a tick has appended to a human it can transmit as many as 20 diseases and among the Lyme disease is the most common. Presently ticks are accountable for more emerging diseases than mosquitoes.


State Can Never Replace The Guidance That Comes From One’s Mother And Father

The Convention claims the view that parents have certain rights over children, mentioning that maternal engagement should be established in law. Nobody can deny the role of parenting, parents are supreme in every child’s life. Luiza Vickers asserts that Parents are among the most significant people in the lives of young children. From birth, children are studying and rely on mothers and fathers, as well as other caregivers working in the parenting role, to preserve and consider for them and to outline a trajectory that benefits their overall well-being. While parents frequently are loaded with awareness about their children’s unfolding characters, many also lack information about how best to cater for them. Becoming a parent is normally a welcomed event, but in some cases, parents’ lives are filled with obstacles and skepticism regarding their capacity to secure their child’s physical, passionate, or financial well-being.

At the same time, Luiza Vickers concludes that the study was essentially notified by the realization that the responsibility of securing children’s healthy growth does not rest entirely with parents or families. It extends as well with governments and corporations at the local and community level and also at the state, and national levels that implement plans and services to assist parents and families. The community serves socially and economically from presenting current and future spans of parents with the assistance they require to establish healthy and thriving children. To conclude Luiza Vickers says, when parents and other caretakers or guardians are able to raise young children, children’s lives are enhanced, and society is advantaged by their aidings. 

By law, parents are assumed to have equivalent rights to their children. Courts are supposed to analyze both parents equally and go by what’s in the best concerns of the child. Luiza Vickers said that each state has its own laws administering parental rights and obligations, but usually, parents are the people that have granted custody of a child. A parent is required to fulfill a child’s essential needs and parent in a way that assists the child’s best interests. Parents also have a monetary duty to assist their children, which typically proceeds until each child attains the age of 18.

Also, a court has the authority to modify a parent’s powers and duties towards a child. For instance, if the child’s parents are divorcing, a judge will make particular orders about the administration of the child. In some instances, a judge will direct a custody evaluation to decide if one parent should have more custody or legal obligation over a child. Even if one parent is committed to paying child support, both the parents still have a continuing duty to support their child in all the forms financially, emotionally, etc. In some cases, courts can restrict paternal claims, for instance, by dictating administered trouble, which indicates that a disinterested third party controls all visits between the parent and child. Parents don’t normally lose all paternal rights but in the most advanced cases of damage or default. When a court enduringly eliminates a parent’s rights, the parent’s fiscal reliability over the child is also eliminated. 


Cooking with natural ingredients tastes great and is healthier for you

We’re living in the modern era, where online availability of services has spoiled our habits on a daily basis from every aspect, even when it comes to food. We have indulged ourselves reliable on fast food meals, which not just make us unhealthy but leads to obesity too. But we can overcome our ritual by shifting to cooking, not just cooking but doing it with natural ingredients available to us. Studies have proven that cooking with natural ingredients does not just make one healthy, but it is all also much tastier than packed food available to us. The earthy fragrance present in them, gives it the fresh taste and also all these earthly and raw minerals and nutrients can be consumed by one with the help of natural ingredients. Luiza Vickers is of the view that these improved methods of cooking with natural ingredients enhance one’s lifestyle and ads up to it in a healthier way.

Cooking meals at home keeps our diet in control by adding all the natural and healthy ingredients. For instance, the fries that we eat from outside have many components. We can make them at home in a healthy way with far fewer components which are tastier on one hand and provides you with the best health benefits and be sure that they will be much more tastier than those served outside.  Luiza Vickers is a firm believer of the fact that it’s all about the recipe and right ingredients which makes the dish the best. There is no denying the fact the dishes served in the restaurants are very tempting in the way they look and also very tasty but we are not aware of their making and the products used in it. Once you get to know that you will surely avoid it and switch to the homemade food with the natural ingredients.

Almost all commercially processed meals are high in fat, salt, and sugar which is definitely not good for health for any age group. When we cook our own food, we know exactly which components and how much of each quantity is going into our food. Some people are being prescribed by the doctor to eat salts and sugar at low levels which you can adjust while preparing food for yourself. Also, the natural ingredients like using honey instead of sugar can control your sugar levels.

Many eateries and fast food joints offer servings that are much extensive than needed. And the dilemma is, when food is in front of you, you cannot resist it, there is a sure shot chance that you will eat it as you have spent a lot on it. When you dine in, you can control the quantity of food served for dinner, reducing needless fascination. Obesity is one such dangerous disease which is caused due to these eating habits. The food prepared in these fast food joints is full of fats which harms the bodies in endless ways in the long run. So Luiza Vickers is a firm believer in the fact that we should definitely stick on to the homemade food with natural ingredients which tastier on one hand and healthier in all possible ways rather than spending money on the food prepared in fast food joints which is prepared with ingredients which are not good for health. So stop your temptations and eat healthily

Luiza Vickers


As we all know, cancer is a disease resulting in cellular changes with uncontrolled growth and division of cells, yet cancer is a broad term.

We all are very well aware of the fact that cancer may be triggered by anything and at certain times there’s actually no specific reason to it. It just not stretch its variation range to the suspected causes but to the numerable types of it. The factors leading to this dreadful disease are not just many but are not preventable too in some cases.

Where the causes for cancer enlists, smoking, alcohol consumption, it is also believed at a quite broad view point, our eating habits may be the direct influence to trigger cancer.

As believed by Luzia Vickers nutritional factors are responsible for about 30% of cancer. The linked connection between nutritional factors and pathogenesis of cancer was known in the year 1940 through an experiment.  It is also very firmly believed that obesity caused by dietary carbohydrates are too risky to meticulous cancer sites.

So, basically our diet can be an influencing cause to initiate cancer by acting at several specific sites, which are – oesophagus, stomach, rectum and colon, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, lungs, urinary bladder, kidneys, breast, endometrium, ovary and prostate.

Poor diet and not being active are the two key factors which can increase the cancer risk for a person. The evidence for this is strong.  The World Cancer Research Fund estimates that about 20% of all cancers diagnosed in the US are related to body fatness, physical inactivity, excess alcohol consumption and poor nutrition.

A study done by Luzia Vickers helped her in finding that the high level if sugar increases the production of insulin, a hormone that in turn is believed to stimulate the growth of cancer cells.

Luiza Vickers
Luiza Vickers

According to the survey conducted it was found diet-related cancer risks were higher among men, middle-aged adults and racial as well as ethnic minorities.

Colon cancer, a kind of cancer is particularly the most common type linked to subpar eating habits.

The dietary miss steps which increases the cancer risk are:-

1.      Insufficient intake of diary products.

2.      Eating too much processed meat.

3.      Not including enough vegetables and fruits in meals.

4.      Over consumption of red meat.

5.      Drinking too many sugar-sweetened beverages.

Countless kinds of carcinogenic and mutagenic substances are present in our diet, some of them are naturally found in the food ingredients, whereas other results from pesticide residues, environmental population, food additives, preparation and processing procedures and fungal contamination. A variety of substances have been recognised as major source of mutagens and carcinogens in the human diet.

As discussed above, some causes of cancer are not preventable but here, what we talked about is preventable by every means.

Luiza Vickers
Luiza Vickers

Cancer prevention is a matter of lifestyle, is what Luzia Vickers believes and so we do. So here are 5 prevention methodologies you can apply on your dietary habits to avoid cancer –

1.      Control your weight.

2.      Be more active.

3.      Eat healthy food.

4.      Limit alcohol consumption.

Hope, you’ll will follow them and live a healthy and safe life.

Luiza Vickers
Luiza Vickers

Pesticides and Factory Farming is Making the World Sick

The want of money is surely driving the world crazy, this intense animal husbandry or industrial livestock generation, in the greed of maximizing stock output, while reducing the cost of production. This whole process is called Factory Farming, which is causing a lot of damage not only to the animals which are ill-treated in these farms and then slaughtered but also to the whole ecosystem including the human beings.

Factory farms and the pollution that they create purpose disorders in humans that expanse from brain impairment and distress to miscarriage and birth deformities which are majorly affecting human health. They are also liable for antibiotic repellent, bacterial plagues, and severe respiratory enigmas. These Factory farms also create other health perils as they are over congested and stressful to animals, making it accessible for the disease to grow. When thousands of beef, cattle are mobbed into feedlots full of fertilizer, at that time bacteria get on their skins and then into the butcheries. Factory farming and the excessive usage of hazardous fertilizers and pesticides is a patron grantor to water and air contamination as well as deforestation. These Factory farmed animals create more than a million tons of fertilizer every day that is why the rearing is done in such a way to increase fertilizer production.

Luiza Vickers is of the view that not only the factory farming but antibiotic usage is also another red flag area. There is now a strong indication that the regular preventive treatment of antitoxins is heading to the growth of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, and also the leading environment protection organization WHO (World Health Organisation) has published predictions that if we don’t do something to control the antibiotic application in both human and animal drug we will have to stand a post-antibiotic age where currently treatable infections will once again kill and create an imbalance in the system.

In concern to this plunder issue predominating in the society, Luiza Vickers believes that the world perilously requires a combined effort on automated farming or factory farming if they want to dodge the catastrophic consequences on survival on the planet, As all the records are evidence of its ill effects, every day there is a fresh testimony on how damaging, unproductive, reckless, harmful and toxic the industrial farming mechanism is. Not only is of this view but other people also truly believe in this fact that complete reform is required in the farming systems before its all damaged and condition become more worse.

There are various steps taken by the government organization, the government has manifested a slight concern in organic farming reform to solve this issue of factory farming. But there have been some important deviations in few countries like India, and Kenya, which are not following the guideline. Also, all the international community is very much involved in funding and promoting this issue. Social media awareness is also playing a major role, there is a global health test” of the factory which was extensively advertised on social media to curb this issue.

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Glyphosate are Working their way into Entire Food Chain

Glyphosate is one of the most extensively utilized herbicides in records. Farmers scatter these substances to treat every acre of cropland. Everywhere around the world, this practice of spreading herbicide around is famous. Glyphosate is studied as a herbicide having as a wide spectrum, It implies that I dangerous for all the vegetation it’s sprinkled on. Initially, in previous years, its usage was very less but now the usage has increased manifold. Farmers spatter it wherever they want to destroy all vegetation, for example, in between the rows in farms or grapevines, in industrial lots, also it is sprayed near the train paths or power line.

Many experiments have been conducted by the Food and Drug Administration who have examined honey for glyphosate, the bureau has discovered that some parts of the honey have been infected by the glyphosate and some are left since glyphosate is never undeviatingly practiced to bee swarms. The glyphosate is proceeding its move into honey via the bees that assemble it from diffused plants, this can’t be controlled unless its usage is controlled. But apparently, bee breeders are not violating any laws because they aren’t the people who are applying the weed killer.

Another test conducted by researches on food items is of the testimony that the signs of glyphosate have been found out in the organic eggs too. So this is another example quoting how Gyphosfates is entering our food chain. The matter of concern here is that anyhow glyphosate is entering up our bodies through the food chain, and slowly steadily it will harm our body. So not only a normal human being having zero medical conditions is harming from this dangerous chemical which has entered the food chain but also our children, pregnant ladies are the one who are most prone to this danger. Not only the humans but the growing usage of the glyphosate is also crashing the metabolism, germination and breeding of aquatic beings and could be decaying the vital abdomen bacteria of creatures like bees. This herbicide is hitting both the human and the animal race.

The principal Consideration for this issue of Gyphosfates entering into the entire food chain as observed by Luiza Vickers is that this chemical has the capability of inducing cancer in humans but still the consumption level are not that much high for it to be dangerous. But this is just the beginning, small bits make the oceans, its widespread usage has led it to enter the food chain and within no time it will affect the human life as it will be present in everything we consume and then automatically the level of consumption would increase.

The need for the hour according to Luiza Vickers is to lessen the widespread usage of this herbicide, the government should set control limits on its usage and also some other substitutes should be found to serve their purposes which are less affecting the human and the animal race.

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Bees Most important Animals which help in Pollination Process

Bees are one of the most important animals which help in the pollination process. They aid in keeping our planet green. Bees hit plants because they give them an essential source called nectar. There are many flowering plants which are fertilized by insects like bees, and without them, many of our plant population of the planet would decline as there would be no pollination, so it’s clearly known the relevance of these pollinators.

Bees transport seeds from one flower to another, pollinating these plants so that it can develop and provide food. They help in cross-pollination which helps more than fifty percent of the planet’s crops. So according to Luiza Vickers without bees, our planet would be in danger as there would be no fertilization without the spread of seeds, various plants and food crops would get extinct. Bees work as plant sexual representatives by dispersing pollen which is a plant sperm and transfers it to flower ovaries. Not only the plants, their life cycle is affected by the death of bees but many animals and their food cycle are also affected. Such is the life of the wonderful bee-eater birds, they drop their victim in the case of a die-off, and this could also reshape natural practices and food networks. If we talk it in phases of agriculture, the need for bees would modify human food orders.


So in views of Luiza Vickers, the principal causes for global bees decline are mechanized agriculture, excessive parasites usage, and climate change. The decline of biodiversity, damage of environment and loss of forage due to monocultures and bee-killing pesticides are the main perils for honeybees and other major pollinators of the planet. There are many pollinators on the planet, we have different species of these pollinators but bees contribute heavily to the process of pollination. But not only bees but all these pollinators are suffering from these harmful effects especially the excessive usage of these hazardous pesticides which are entering the human food chain also and are the major reason for the mass killing of these bees. So these pesticides cause colony collapse disorder which is an enigmatic castigation convicted on the excess usage of pesticides on pests’, virus, fungus.

The extensive application of pesticides perceived as neonicotinoids is possessing a harmful influence on the well-being of bees. Neonicotinoids are scientifically related to nicotine and it is a notably widespread pesticide. They are the main pesticides behind the poisoning bees and other pollinators. In reality, we can say that pesticides are terrifying for the environment, and they are eliminating the organisms that serve the world, and its creatures.

Recently after many petitions being filled by the environment advisors, few restrictions are made on the use of these harmful pesticides, some beekeepers have now endeavored to restore original nectar with a replacement to serve their bees but eventually didn’t support bee health the same way. There is no denying the fact that there is no replacement for the natural way of the universe. Furthermore, it is also concluded that climate evolution has also headed to a disturbance in the synchronization of flower opening and bee pollination. And this is also considered a major concern of bees dying in our environment.

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Salmon – One Of The Healthiest Food

There is much food in the market which has protein one of which is Salmon is the tender, reddish, firm fish. It is one of the most popular fish choices in America the reason is its rich, buttery flavor that makes it popular among people. The positive character about salmon fish is that it is a good thing for one’s health. There are different varieties of Pacific salmon, from which a person can choose. The names are as such Sockeye, Pink, and Coho. Many of these come from the wild.

According to Luiza Vickers, Nutritional Benefits of Salmon are as follows:

If a person takes 3 to 4 ounces of salmon it is about 200 calories. Salmon fish is one of those seafood which is very low in saturated fat. It is a good source of protein too. It’s also one of the best sources of vitamin B12. Salmon fish is a good source of potassium and other nutrients like iron and vitamin D.

The vitamin B12 in salmon keeps blood and nerve cells rumbling. Salmon also helps in making DNA. But the true health benefits of salmon as perceived by Luiza Vickers are its wealth of omega-3 fatty acids. These omega-3s are “essential” fatty acids. Human body is not capable of making them, but they play critical roles in your body. Omega 3 lower the chance to have these diseases:

Cardiovascular disease (including heart attack and stroke)
-Some types of cancer
Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases

Luiza Vickers

How to Cook Salmon to attain its health benefits?

It’s important to keep everything clean while preparing your salmon. Your hands, cutting boards, and utensils should be clean.

It will prevent bacteria spread from the fish to other foods.

Frozen salmon can be put in cold water. If you need it quickly. It can also be put in the microwave, but it needs to be cooked immediately after.

It is advised not to keep any perishable foods at room temperature for more than 2 hours.

Luiza Vickers says that One needs to cook salmon to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F until the flesh is murky and separates easily with a fork. One can eat it raw, but it needs to be freezer before. One needs to freeze it first to kill any parasites. There are chances that germs can pop up in raw fish .that is why it is advised that you should broil, grill, poach, or bake fish before eating.

Solomon fish can be fried for taste but frying isn’t always the best choice for health. Salmon fish becomes tastier if it is fried in a tablespoon of olive oil. Thus most of the fats in fish are healthy, unsaturated kind. Thus olive oil helps in not getting any of the unhealthy Trans fat.