Faith, Love, and Kindness: the 3 Core Family Strengths

Family can mean many different things, from the traditional setup of father, mother, and children to an extended version, including in-laws and blood relatives. No matter the sense, family remains the basic unit of society.

Luiza Vickers, New York businesswoman tell about the importance of three core values that a family needs to strengthen their relationship. Faith, Love, and Kindness serve as the moral compass that binds every member together.

Faith is priority

Much of religious influence takes place at home. Every strongly-bonded family holds their faith as a foundation for their lives. It defines the set of values that a household prioritizes. Having faith in God is synonymous with having faith in each other.

“A dedicated family that builds an intimate relationship with God spiritually grow into people with integrity,” states Vickers. “Developing a habit of praying together and attending worship services strengthens the core of the family and keeps them grounded.”

Love makes life sweeter, says Luiza Vickers

Love is more than a feeling; it is also that unconditional resolve to make things better and safer for loved ones. In a family, love is another core value that every healthy home has.

Some practices like weekly family bonding and shared meals are some of the evident ways to express love, according to Luiza Vickers. It is about caring for another soul and desiring for their general well-being. As a core habit, love can start the chain of good practices within the family, which makes home life happier.

While disagreements can happen at any time, members are more eager to talk things through, ask forgiveness and be forgiven if they are bonded by unconditional love for each other.

Kindness at home

“We are taught to be kind always, and it starts at the confines of the family quarters. Children are more likely to show acts of kindness outside if they are exposed to good deeds at home.

 Moral support is one perfect example of kindness you can grant to a family member. Being each other’s biggest fan goes a long way in boosting the confidence in pursuing a passion, no matter what it may be.

“Kindness is remembered by heart and inspires people to spread kind acts to other people, even to strangers,” relates Luiza Vickers. “When people are kind, their outlook in life is generally more positive, which helps family members build closer ties that last for a lifetime.”