Making an ally of Nature

The Earth is what we all have in common, so we should all strive hands and protect this beautiful creation of God. The environment is where we all meet, where we all have a common interest; it is the one thing all of us share, so nothing but changing our minds and ways to protect this beautiful creation we live in should be done says, Damon Vickers and Luiza Vickers. They say if steps to preserve this beautiful creation is not taken at earliest then things would surely go out of hand and nothing would be left to pass on to the future generations.

We the humans are a very destructive species, and a species without much foresight, who are not looking into the distant future and are selfish to have it all for themselves, they are not thinking about the future generations, they are just looking over their priorities. This is a very selfish approach says Luzia Vickers says and things need to be changed or altered before it is too late. Health, food safety, and environmental hazards are just some of the social concerns that nature presents efficient, cost-effective and long-lasting solutions for. Innovating with the potential of the world around us is the goal of the “Nature-Based Solutions” and that’s what nature allies comprise of. everybody should stand united fighting and addressing these major concerns which are created by we humans only.

There are many evident examples which depict this major crisis of environmental degradation, one of which is climate change. Climate change has been observed all over the world, with the melting glacier, extreme weather conditions, floods, volcanos. All these effects of Climate change, lack of water, inadequate healthcare, poor food supply, and independent urbanization, nature tends increasingly to become our greatest ally. We should all strive to achieve this goal of conserving our environment says Damon Vickers.

It is all we have in common, we should stand together solving this environmental degradation. Nature-Based Solutions is that of Innovating with the potential offered by our environment is precise. It is an approach we can use to have a promising future for yourself and our future generation. Luzia Vickers and Damon Vickers perceive that this concept originated from a mere perception which is covered with significant issues such as climate change, lack of water, insufficient healthcare, poor food supply, and uncontrolled urbanization, nature tends increasingly to become our greatest ally.


We all know that our planet has developed billions of year ago and it has a dynamic and flexible balance that provides a breeding ground for resolutions and a source of significant modification, which is nevertheless largely unexploited. Nothing but cooperation with our environment is all we have to do to solve this major havoc issues which are prevailing in our environment and which is caused due to our reckless use of the resources of the environment. But Why are we not taking any action Luzia Vickers says?

The answer to this question is we all are busy in our day to day schedules doing our work, recklessly using the resources provided at our disposal without using it wisely and saving it for the future generation. Because of a specific tenacious mistrust towards nature and, above all, “wildness,” that incorporates the potential danger, it signifies for humanity more than for the many advantages it can give. A united effort and sustainable use of these resources is the need for the hour which can help us secure these resources for our future and which will help us in keeping safe our environment thereby keeping our life’s preserved and making the world a better place to live in.